RENATURE® Biodegradable Loose Fill is a revolutionary new and improved biodegradable product that is completely cost competitive, helping to protect both the earth and your bottom line.  In addition to being 100% biodegradable, it’s also totally renewable.  RENATURE® is water repellent and subsequently won’t shrink in high humidity. It’s strong, resistant to heat and cold, is anti-static and virtually dust free.

• RENATURE® is a non-petro-chemical protein based loose fill.
• Sourced and made in the USA.
• 100% biodegradable and completely compostable.
• Dispenses the same as other loose fill.
• Anti-static.

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14 Cubic Ft. Bag RENATURE® Biodegradabl…

RENATURE® Biodegradable Loose Fill

7 Cubic Ft. Bag RENATURE® Biodegradable…

7 Cubic Ft. Bag RENATURE® Biodegradable Loose Fill